What has Kamila Rowinska told us?

Kamila Rowińska is one of the most motivating Polish women. She inspires people daily in social media, but today we want to focus on one of her statements. Here’s a question for you: “What are the real, fact- based obstacles hindering the pursuit of Your goals, other than the ones you’ve placed in your head yourself?”

These words seem to be scary. Because the moment you understand them, a lot can change. You may have just decided, that there’s a lot of work ahead of you. You may have given up on your dreams, because this challenge had overwhelmed you. Are you sure?

Each of us has a dream list of things that are easy to move from “I would really like to” zone to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” area. So, what is usually the brake that stops you from reaching for more?

Here are some reasons why you haven’t achieved your dream yet, although it’s within your reach:

– Perhaps you are afraid of failure. You don’t want to feel disappointed, to see your loved ones worry about you. While hiding from negative experiences, you also run away from success.

– You lack motivation, energy, willingness. You want to do something but you can’t get yourself to act.

– Do you know how to follow your plan step by step? If you don’t know how to achieve ​​success, it’s possible you’ll give up sooner or later. It’s hard to keep to your decision when there’s no visible effect.

– Do you have to be super prepared for a new project every time you start one? The initial phase takes you more time than the creation itself, your perfectionism does not allow you to act if you feel that not everything is perfectly set up. And how about using what you already have and refining it in the course of following your dream?

– Your poor time management results in postponement, something that should take you a month, has already taken two years and nothing really has been done yet.

– You can’t make decisions, you aren’t able to set priorities.

– You procrastinate. Do you know the following rule – if you have to do something today, do it the day after tomorrow, you’ll have two days off? Living by this rule, you will never accomplish your intended purpose, you will not fulfill your dreams.

– No consistency makes it difficult to achieve any goals. Fulfilling dreams is very often a long-lasting and demanding process.

Are these obstacles real? No, it’s all in your head. Nobody said it was going to be simple. But satisfaction afterwards is invaluable!

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