Trends: shirt. What shirt to choose for autumn?

The beginning of autumn is the time of returning to school, to college, to work. Having been removed from relaxing holiday moments, we are slowly implementing ourselves into the atmosphere of work and studying. Shirts suit this climate perfectly and can be used to add a more formal impression to any style and at the same time allow you to maintain a little bit of leisure.

There are many shirts to choose from. More and less official. White, colourful, with patterns. Adjustable, longer, wider, with decorations…. New models appear in stores every season to keep up with current trends. When choosing a shirt (as well as other clothes), it is worth paying attention to its style, so it can be worn for a longer time.

To make it easier for you, I’m presenting 5 most interesting current trends, which will last more than one season.

CHECKERED – a trend that has been going on for many seasons. More precisely, since the 1960s, when it became the hallmark of the aristocratic England popularized by Burberry. Since then, the checkered pattern has been used in fashion in many different ways. Shirts with this pattern worn together with jeans evoke country style, while with leather trousers they take on a more rock oriented character.

SLEEVE – this trend is quite fresh. Embellished and imaginative sleeves have reigned in fashion for at least three seasons now. Sleeves come in many various forms. Puff sleeves, tied, with flounces, cut-outs, made from different fabrics combined. The skilfully selected form allows you to shape the figure appropriately. The puffs enlarge the shoulders and are perfect for pear-shaped ladies, while ties and decorations allow for diverting attention from broad top.

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SHIRT DRESS – a very comfortable and universal proposition. It can be worn with trousers, leggings, tights and also solo. By emphasizing the waist with a belt, we get the wasp shape and adds to feminine quality. When worn undone, it will replace a light, longer sweater. In this variation, it’s also perfect for spring and summer. Every woman should have something like this in her wardrobe.

OPEN NECKLINE – a fairly fresh trend that looks very promising. It refers to a very popular trend prevailing during the spring/summer season called “cold shoulders”. The autumn version is slightly less uncovered, although it demonstrates female décolletage perfectly. Such a shirt will surely be eye-catching and will allow you to stand out. It’s recommended for ladies with an attractive décolletage.

EMBROIDERY – a trend referring to centuries-old folk craftsmanship. Embroidery appears in different places on clothes, drawing other people’s attention. When wearing such a shirt, it is worth remembering about it and directing this attention to the right spot. For women with larger busts, the best solution is to decorate cuffs or along the buttons. If you want to divert the attention from the bigger hips, focusing it on the shoulders should be enough.

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