10 things you have to do this week

Good morning!

There are certain things that must be done at least once a week. 10 of them are presented below. Things you have to watch, read, feel and try.

  1. She has a voice that gives you shivers and is impressive and unbelievable. I am sure you know her music videos and monumental songs, but if for some reason you haven’t seen her concert at The Royal Albert Hall yet, that means you’ve missed something exceptional. It should be obvious now – it’s Adele and her amazing sense of humour. This accent , giggle and those anecdotes!
    You may not be aware of the fact that the ticket for her London concert costs over 150 GBP. Luckily, we have YouTube and you can watch this event free of charge on your own cosy sofa while drinking your favourite white wine.
  2. No, please don’t say that those illustrations are only for kids! You have to see Rosalby Cafforio’s art pieces. They’re so dynamic and full of life, you can almost notice hair moving in the wind.
  3. Inside this golden egg there is……..a sauna! And lots of beautiful wood. We ‘re fond of such brave projects.
  4. Plan a trip you will take this month. It doesn’t matter where and for how long. What counts is finding some time for a crazy party till the crack of dawn, a glass of wine and flight mode setting in your smartphone. Of course we know “that’s not so easy with kids”. But we believe you can do it. Become the master of home management and family logistics!
  5. Host a clothing swap. Encourage some of your girlfriends, prepare bags of clothes you don’t wear anymore (also those labelled “when I lose weight” as well as high school memorabilia!), a few bottles of wine, snacks and chill out radio in the background. There’s only one rule – all the clothes go to the centre of the room and then … first come, first served!
  6. A website for real heroines. Too much motivation for a single visit so you’d better dose the information carefully. All the more that it can be a bit addictive…
  7. There is one way to have a good day. To make it good for yourself and someone else. It is enough to… thank someone. Even for something small, but sincerely and in a kind way. For example, by sending the following gif.
  8. Tasty breakfast can provide you with energy for the whole day and it’s not only about calories, but a good mood that comes afterwards. If you like sandwiches, try this set : wholemeal toast, curd cheese, honey and walnuts. It is very healthy and tastes like little drops of heaven.
  9. You are never too tired to read at least one page of a book. After all, it is one of the best things in life to rest for a while and delve into different reality. You might enjoy Tove Jansson: The Authorised Biography by Boel Westin. The Polish cover was designed by Anna Pol.
  10. We don’t leave house without clean hair and nice looking nails! At least we try not to. 🙂 This week we recommend natural manicure with a bit of extravagance. Check this out.

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